Instant RH Mapping

To locate your markers on the current T51 RH map

Please input your RH scores and related information :

     Your Name   


    Lab Name      

    Marker Name  

      Marker  (Please make sure it has exactly 94 digits and only contain charecters of "0", "1", or "2".)  



    The Instant RH Mapping is based on our current zebrafish RH mapping set published on our web site (see Maps). The mapping  strategy used in "Instant Mapping" is so called "Maximum Likelihood", that is the same as Stanford "SAMapper" program.  Instant Mapping only gives you an "approximate" position for your marker on our current published RH maps. Be aware the results will not be reliable if your scores have too many "2" (unknown) in the marker scores.


If you use Instant Mapping to help your research, please cite it in your related publication. Also, if you have any question and comment, please make contact with Anhua Song ( or Yi Zhou (


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