The zebrafish is an excellent developmental and genetic model. We have created a radiation hybrid (RH) panel map of the zebrafish genome and have provided RH mapping services to the zebrafish community. The genome sequence assembly has been guided by this RH map, and in collaboration with the Sanger Center, we are placing BAC and genomic sequence contigs on the RH panel to assist in finishing the genome assembly. We plan to continue our efforts on providing a genome framework for the zebrafish sequence assembly by integrating the RH and genetic maps. With a much improved genome sequence assembly, efficient mutant mapping is being developed by identifying a uniformly distributed genome marker set consisting of existing and new polymorphic microsatellite markers. New publicly available web interfaces will be generated to correlate zebrafish genes to human diseases. These studies will facilitate the rapid cloning of mutant genes, allow for comparisons with the genomes of other species, and contribute invaluable tools for analyzing zebrafish mutants as models for human diseases.

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