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Usually, these data will not be presented on the map unless we have performed PCR reactions to confirm scores using primers provided by researchers. This is necessary for ensuring the map quality.  We are committed to keeping this information confidential by assigning an UNP (unpublished) number to them until they are published or until individual researchers agree to release them publicly.  If there is any question regarding scoring RH results, please refer to the RH Mapping Protocols.

        *Optional if unpublished.  Other fields are required.
      **  If researcher is different from primary investigator (P.I.)

        Name of Researcher   



        Principal Investigator (if not the researcher) 

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        Actual Gene name*       

        GenBank Accession No.*

        Release Date :               

       Panel Name :                  

        RH Score:


      Sending the Primer to us?    Yes:     No :

      Primer Sequences       F  5'    3' 
                                                F-Tm    oC

                                                R  5'    3' 
                                                R-Tm   oC

     Primer Name                   

     Optimal Annealing Temperature    oC


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