Human Genes (hg18 peptide) BLAST against Fugu4

Renewed on August 2007. BLAST results on the fugu4 in August 2007 (26,721 sequences; 11,853,787 total letters) In FASTA DB.

   Fugu4 Blast Hg18

   Retrieve Hg18 sequence

Human genes (hg18) listed alphabetically on each Chromosome :

Hg.Chr01 Hg.Chr02 Hg.Chr03 Hg.Chr04 Hg.Chr05 Hg.Chr06
Hg.Chr07 Hg.Chr08 Hg.Chr09 Hg.Chr10 Hg.Chr11 Hg.Chr12
Hg.Chr13 Hg.Chr14 Hg.Chr15 Hg.Chr16 Hg.Chr17 Hg.Chr18
Hg.Chr19 Hg.Chr20 Hg.Chr21 Hg.Chr22 Hg.ChrM Hg.ChrX
Hg.ChrY Hg.Chr1_random Hg.Chr2_random Hg.Chr3_random Hg.Chr4_random Hg.Chr5_random
Hg.Chr6_random Hg.Chr7_random Hg.Chr8_random Hg.Chr9_random Hg.Chr13_random Hg.Chr15_random
Hg.Chr16_random Hg.Chr17_random Hg.Chr19_random Hg.Chr21_random Hg.Chr22_random Hg.ChrX_random
Hg.Chr5_h2_hap1 Hg.Chr6_cox_hap1 Hg.Chr6_qbl_hap2 Hg.Chr22_h2_hap1

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