Fugu4 BLAST Blast against Zv7 masked

Renewed on August 2007. BLAST results on the zebrafish Assembly 7 masked in August 2007 (7,494 sequences; 1,440,319,812 total letters) In FASTA DB.

   Zebrafish Assembly 7 masked BLAST Fugu4   new!

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Fugu4 sequences are listed alphabetically on each page : (page range in bracket)

Page01(118926-148904) Page02(148929-188595) Page03(188624-551060) Page04(551061-555026) Page05(555027-559048)
Page06(559064-563224) Page07(563225-566885) Page08(566887-570943) Page09(570945-574683) Page10(574687-578911)
Page11(578915-582847) Page12(582848-586772) Page13(586773-590727) Page14(590728-594651) Page15(594662-598721)
Page16(598728-602703) Page17(602704-606526) Page18(606531-610549) Page19(610552-614377) Page20(614378-618135)
Page21(618136-623596) Page22(623604-709938) Page23(709941-714340) Page24(714348-734609) Page25(734610-738831)
Page26(738837-742742) Page27(742744-745611) Page28(745612-747721) Page29(747725-751887) Page30(751890-756267)

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